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Inspiring Leaders – Lighting the Path

June 11, 2012

Feeling blessed and full after sharing another HOOPLOVERS Teacher Training with a group of hooping pioneers here in Melbourne.

Watching these new hoop teachers lead the way, craft their visions and execute them is like watching a really awesome movie unfold. Sharing these teacher trainings always fills me with so much new inspiration and joy as well as confirms so many long held thoughts and beliefs. There are a few key pieces of advice I love to share, call it tough love if you will;

Shining brightly illuminates everyone’s light. Inspiring others with light, knowledge and grounded leadership is not about hijacking every situation to voice your opinions and show off your skills, it is about shining so that you raise the collective vibration. Leading with humility and presence is key. An inspiring leader is a listener, an observer and a supporter.

You are the creator of this choose your own adventure. Your visions, coupled with your actions determine your adventures. Sitting on the coach daydreaming will only get you so far. If you dream of creating the hottest hoop troupe this planet has ever seen, strap on your work belt hoop star because you have got some hard yakka to do. It is the beauty of the creative process; it squeezes out your blood, sweat and tears (hopefully not too much blood) to make you a lighter, stronger being.

Check your baggage in at the door. The self doubt, the lack of confidence, the insufferable nature, the pain, the indifference, the defensiveness, the lashings of the ego need to be handed in at the coat check right before you take a couple of long and deep breaths as you step through that door each and every time you show up as a present, empathetic and compassionate leader. Many people come with their own baggage and don’t need any of yours. This can prove to be a long and evolutionary process. The beauty of teaching is if you are not open to being taught and growing then your baggage is going to zip you up tight.

Let go of your negative stories. They say misery loves company, and that is evidently true in our society. However as an inspiring leader you need to heighten your awareness and sharpen your focus; is the pain and suffering you bring to class really going to cultivate the positive atmosphere you are aiming for? Do your eager and starry eyed student need to hear about your doctors appointment or crappy day job? NO! If you want to tell stories share the ones of joy and abundance, of success and empowerment. If you don’t have any – make them up until they come true. As the story goes, if you talk about something long enough it becomes reality. Skip the pain sharing.

Practice your art. Spirited growth and vitality comes from personal practice. Reconnect with the hoop in as many ways as you can as often as you can. Go to classes, be open to student inspiration, give yourself lots of time to immerse in the spin. Keep connected to the beauty and joy that hoop dance provides. Get thee to a dance floor with a hoop as often as possible.

Be OK with it all. Now I am not saying that you shouldn’t fight for your right to paaaarty, but there is a much needed sense of surrender that is required. The lists will get longer the bigger your dreams are, the more things you will think up that you need to get done. Guess what? It never all gets done! As soon as it is even close to being done you will inevitably create more. Cherish your ingenuity and free flowing creativity.

Enjoy it all, the ups and the downs in the name of growth.

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  1. June 11, 2012 2:19 am

    Congrats, newbie Hooplover teachers!

  2. June 11, 2012 1:06 pm

    Beautiful inspiration and advice ❤


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