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Helping You Tell Your Story – Term 3 Classes in Melbourne

June 28, 2012

While many of you may feel like snuggling up, hiding away and keeping warm right now the most effective, beneficial and authentic way to keep the internal fires burning is to move your body! Hold on to the knowing that this chill will only last a short time and soon the Spring warmth and blossoming will be surrounding us.

This Spring in Australia is going to be a busy one with a huge call out for hoopers and performers for The Hooping Life launch and shows in October, The Hoop Journey calling for hoop stars around Australia to step up and the Hoopy Happenings event in November. Are you ready? You will be! We would love to see you up on stage or rocking it out at the hoop jams!

So set the goal, prepare for the challenge and watch as your hoop dance explodes into a new realm. Exciting times ahead!

To support you on your journey we have included a new variety of classes for Term 3 here in Melbourne, packed with choreography and flow support to have you ready for your stage…where ever that may be – festival dance floors, living room performances, big stages, bedroom practices, community fundraisers, park play time, school fetes, private shows, corporate functions.

Kicking off in July, there are 8 week, 4 week and drop in options for each course.

Specialty workshops have also been designed for term 3 including the regular hoop making workshop, Mandala Magic and Show Time. Keep watching for dates and locations.

Not in Melbourne? Check out the downloadable lessons available for you anytime, anywhere. More coming soon…

Look forward to spinning with you! d xx

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