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Come and Play with Me All Weekend

June 14, 2013

Sending you a special invitation to spend a weekend with me at the gorgeous Aireys8 house on the Great Ocean Rd. I am bringing a huge stack of hula hoops, a range of playful and energising workshops, some rocking ideas, lots of new hoopy ideas, skills and movements for you!

Screen shot 2013-06-13 at 23.58.30

I have a wonderfully full weekend designed for you. On Saturday we will tap into our true essence with a morning of hoop dance and art. Afterwards hoopers on any part of their hoop journey from beginners to well beyond will enjoy a skill based workshop to amp up their hoop stardom. After a delicious lunch we will have a relaxing and joyful afternoon of discussion and dance. The afternoon will spin on with ecstatic hoop dance, a delicious dinner and an LED hoop jam.

Sunday will kick of with a crafty hoop making session where you can design and decorate your own hoops to take home with you. We will then hoop dance our pants of with a ton of fun sequences and play inside the hoop. Another delicious lunch and an afternoon of fun, play, dance and togetherness.

I really look forward to spending the weekend with you.

June 29 & 30

This weekend is being hosted by the wonderful Lucinda Light so please direct all bookings and questions to 0452 557 515



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